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2018 Dodge Challenger Specifications, Reviews and the Price

Overview of 2018 Dodge Challenger:

Are you thinking to buy a new automobile? Are you confused in different models of Automobiles? The article is something related for buyers to buy a new 2018 Dodge Challenger. Apart from that, it may be helpful for the folks with the hobby of knowing about the cars. We will discuss a brief intro of dodge challenger, specs, and features of Dodge Challenger, its reviews, the rating of the latest product and the price of Dodge Challenger 2018. Dodge Challenger is an American automobile company established in 1958. The company manufactured many products according to the different generation. The car under discussion is the latest one with the fifth generation. Specs and features of this car differ it from the previous model.

2018 Dodge Challenger

Specifications and Features:

If you are looking to buy a new dodge, you must know about the features of the cars. Specifications and the features play an important role in buying a new car. The American Automobile company installed awesome features in the Dodge Challenger 2018. The dodge challenger specs and features make it more worthy and the one to be considered. The seating capacity that the car allows is a maximum of five people. The Dodge Demon 2018 can produce 840-horse power and 770 pound-feet of torque. The engine type installed in this challenge is v8 that is the eight-speed automatic vehicle. The car provides safety features including some advanced features to its riders. In fact, the Dodge Demon engaged with the best features.

Pros and Cons:

Everything contains good and bad things with it. None of us can build the cent percent accurate thing. The Same case is here for 2018 Dodge Challenger. Experts give good as well as bad reviews about the car. First of all, let us consider the good things about the car. The rating of Dodge Challenger is 3.5 out of five stars. The car has an option to choose among the different engines engaged with it. It is a smooth eight-speed Automatic car. The other awesome features that you may like is the availability of all-wheel drive. Let’s talk about the negative things of this product. The first thing that may bother you is the lacks collision mitigation braking system. In addition to it, the weight of the car itself bothers the braking performance and handling. The visibility from the car is not too good to be considered. In short, the car has both good as well as bad things.

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Should I buy 2018 Dodge Challenger? :

It is not a difficult situation to judge whether you should buy a new Dodge Challenger or not. But there is nothing wrong to research more about the product. I personally advise you to buy this car. I can justify my statement with more evidence. First of all, let us talk about the safety features. The dodge demon equipped with Automatic High beam headlamp control system. The car enclosed Forward Collision warning system. Moreover, the Adaptive speed control system has been installed in dodge demon 2018. If you think about how much does the challenge is, then you should not be the worry with it. The estimated price of the new model of Dodge is around 73,000 USD. Yes, it’s a huge amount but if you can afford, you must buy this product.

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